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We tailor our flexible and cost-effective HR management and support services to meet your company’s specific needs. There are no minimums or monthly retainers. We’re like Uber or Lyft for HR – use and pay for only what you need.

How HR Management Can Help Your Business

An HR manager is someone who takes a strategic approach to managing your employees. At Shared HR Services we:

  • Provide support for every aspect of the employee life-cycle
  • Help you stay in compliance by updating and maintaining your policies and procedures
  • Keep the lines of communication open to maintain good relationships and mitigate risk

Employee Life-cycle

The employee life-cycle covers an employee’s entire relationship with your organization. The life-cycle includes attracting and recruiting, onboarding, retention, development, and offboarding when they leave. Attention to detail, being personable, and building trust are important in all aspects of the employee life-cycle. 

For example, in the attracting and recruiting stages, it’s important to find the people best fit for your company’s open positions. This requires a strong understanding of the needs of both the employer and the employees they are looking to hire. Different demographics hang out in different parts of the web and are drawn to different ads. For instance, you’re more likely to attract a younger employee for an entry level position through a video on social media than you are with an ad on Craig’s List. 

Language is also important. If you’re stating that your company is “results-driven” you’re using language that is reads more masculine. Phrases like “you can achieve results” are more gender neutral and attract a mix of both men and women. 

We approach every stage of the employee life-cycle with this level of detail and consideration.

HR Compliance

Laws and regulations change all the time and it’s up to you as a business owner to keep up. We keep you in compliance by developing and updating the HR policies and procedures that influence a variety of business activities, including hiring, retention, and employee growth. 

As HR specialists, and we help align your company’s growth trajectory with your objectives. We balance strategy and compliance. By understanding your company’s strategic goals and priorities, we can recognize various scenarios and how compliance concerns may impact your decision-making.

Risk Management

Risk management involves looking out for specific risks employees may pose to your business. In HR, risk management covers everything from employer behavior to hiring and firing practices. By maintaining open communication and good relationships, we can help you measure risks and stop problems before they start.




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